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Cross-listing and the Value of Corporate Cash Holdings : Evidence from China
Subject: Editor's Choice
Vol. No : Vol. 33 No.4
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Author: Seungjoon Oh, Heungju Park, Xinrui Xie
File: vol33_no4_465.pdf
Date: 2021-09-16 11:45:45
This paper examines how cross-listing of Chinese A- and Hong Kong H-shares (AH cross-listed) affects the value of corporate cash holdings. Using a sample of AH cross-listed firms, we find that the value of cash holdings is higher for cross-listed than for non-cross-listed firms. The results remain robust to alternative measures of change in cash and consideration of state-owned enterprises. The AH cross-listing valuation premium for cash holdings decreases after a governance reform in the Chinese stock market. Our results suggest that AH cross-listing enhances firms' transparency and disclosure, and thereby the value of cash holdings relative to non-cross-listed companies.
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