Asiasn review of Financial research

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No. Title Vol. No. Author Hit
4 [Editor's Choice]The Impact of Government Involvement on IPO Underpricing in Korea Vol.34 No.1 Geesun Lee, Jinho Jeong 32068
3 [Editor's Choice]Cross-listing and the Value of Corporate Cash Holdings : Evidence from China Vol.33 No.4 Seungjoon Oh, Heungju Park, Xinrui Xie 1971
2 [Editor's Choice]A Review of Asia's IPO Research Vol.34 No.1 Yao-Min Chiang, Vivian Tai, Wanqin Zhang 54482
1 [Editor's Choice]New Measures of Herding Behavior and Cross-sectional Time Dispersion (CSTD) by IPO Firms in Chinese IPO ... Vol.34 No.2 Sunghwan Kim, Dongmin Lim, Jihyun Kim 4164