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The review process is as follows

i) The editor first screens the submission to assess whether the manuscript complies with the policy of Asian Review of Financial Research (ARFR).

ii) All submissions are subject to double blind reviews by two referees. The editor selects an associate editor and two referees are nominated by the associate editor.

iii) Based on the referee reports by the two referees, the associate editor should make an editorial decision and recommend the decision to the editor. The editor should make a final editorial decision based on the referee reports and the associate editor's recommendation.

iv) The normal review process takes eight weeks from the submission of a manuscript till the notification of an editorial decision with review reports.

v) If the review result is "revise and resubmission" then the author should send the revised work back to the associate editor within 3 months. If necessary, the author can be extended the revise period up to one year.

vi) When the paper accepted for publication, the journal manger sends the author the final guide mail with Copyright Transfer Agreement before publication. The author should return back the final paper with Copyright Transfer Agreement to journal manager. An acceptance confirmation letter of publication will be issued upon request.