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Asian Review of Financial Research Vol.35 No.1 pp.89-149
A Survey of the Literature on Banking in Korea : A Decade on from the Global Financial Crisis
Dohan Kim University of Pennsylvania
Wook Sohn KDI School of Public Policy and Management
Key Words : Literature survey,Banking research,Korea,Global financial crisis,Banks and the economy,Banking industry,Bank regulation


This paper reviews recent studies on banking in Korea by classifying a substantial body of literature into three categories – the role of banks in the real economy, the efficiency and performance of the banking industry, and regulatory and policy issues. This paper differs from previous survey literature in that it offers a comprehensive systematic literature review of banking studies in Korea in a decade on from the global financial crisis and presents statistics of research articles on various topics in banking published in major economics and finance journals. We find the rising trend of banking research across all subjects, and in particular, dramatic increases around the global financial crisis. This paper also reveals a lack of studies on several topics such as distributed ledger technologies and central bank digital currency, recommending future research on these topics.
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